Domestic abuse is more common than you think

Domestic abuse is more common than you think

Family crimes happen far too often. The UK government estimates that some 2.5m people experience bullying of some kind, every year. 

And at least one-third of that number are MEN. That’s more than three-quarters of a million MALE victims of domestic mistreatment!

Family abuse of men is particularly difficult to solve because the survivors are often reluctant to come forward because of outmoded cultural barriers.

They may feel constrained by toxic masculinity; that “real men” are “strong” and don’t show their feelings. Or there might be social taboos that prevent them from sharing family “secrets” with other people.

Find-A-Friend was inspired by fellow survivors of family abuse to support men to break through these outmoded social bonds and rebuild their lives.

We have helped countless people to make a new start. And we can help you. Best of all, it’s a free service for clients.

Book a consultation with one of our volunteers. We will give you a chance to talk about your experiences in a non-judgemental atmosphere. Then we’ll help you to get the support you need to break out of the abusive relationship and start again.